Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's good for what Ails Ya, Garlic Cilantro Soup.

Its getting cold out. That means that people tend to stuff themselves into houses, schools, office buildings and malls and touch things with their unwashed hands. They think they are getting cozy with you while spittling all over your face. This is when our children come home with all sorts of new bugs, lice included. Hopefully I have not grossed you out to much and you will latch onto my prevention theory. Garlic is the answer. Lots of it. It may not necessary strengthen your immune system but it definitely keeps those who want to become close away (yes that sometimes can mean your "what I never get sick" snuffling husband). That in my mind equals a healthier you.
Now I know you are thinking but what about your kid? Mine of course doesn't do garlic but I think if I breath heavily on her head at least I can keep the lice away. Your kid,on the other hand, if partaking in this glorious concoction may keep my kid at a bit of distance and then maybe, just maybe, they both won't get sick. I know, I know, I can dream can't I?
Here is another thought I have about illness and cooking: Clean your Kitchen before you Cook. I am a bit anal about this little tidbit of advice. Not only will it keep you healthier, it will make it so much easier to cook. Clean as you go and after you are done, Clean up whatever is left. Oh, and wash your hands frequently. Before, during and after. That applies to all things, not just cooking. There don't you feel better?

Garlic Cilantro Soup with Lime
(for Reyna)
1 large bulb of garlic (that you grew or from Bread and Roses CSA cause it's better)
1 bunch of cilantro (that you grew or you got from Sweet Clover Market that in turn got it from Pete's Greens)
1 organic lime  (from Healthy Living Market)
2 tbs of butter
4 cups of pressure cooker chicken stock (YES you finally get to see it) or 1 32 ounce box of Organic Chicken Stock
Whole Wheat Orzo, cooked.

Let me be clear- I don't care where you get your ingredients, this is where I like to get them. Besides if you are trying to be healthy the best way to go about it is to get produce from local places that you know. I know these places. They are healthy places to get food if I can't grow it.

I run down to the basement to get my pressure cooker chicken stock and thaw it out.

Then I wash my cilantro and set about chopping it up.

After I have chopped it into tiny pieces (you can use an electric chopper too if you want it really fine), I take apart the garlic and peel. I think this garlic that I grew is gorgeous so I have taken several shots of it, naked even. Garlic has NO modesty.
Clothed Garlic

Naked Garlic

Smashed Naked Garlic

That garlic, it starts taking off its clothes even before it gets smashed...wanton bulb. I digress.
Okay chop that garlic.

Then add your 2 TBS of butter to the pot.

Melt at a low to medium heat.

Add your garlic and saute until soft.

Then add your cilantro and saute for a few more minutes.

Add your chicken stock and simmer for 20 minutes or so.

Cut a couple wedges of lime and squeeze into the soup.

Cook up some orzo, add it to the bottom of a bowl.
Now sometimes I let the orzo cook in the soup (because its my house and I am the only one who eats anything in it)  but when you sock the leftover soup into the frig, it gets gluey from the gluten so by cooking them separately you avoid all that. 
Add garlic cilantro soup.

Season with salt and pepper to taste.
This soup will kill anything that is brewing in that body of yours and its delicious to boot. Not that my family would know though, they have never ever tried it. My friends on the other hand (Reyna, Rebecca, Michele G.) all can attest to this elixir's taste and transformative powers. 
Cheers! To your Health! Hey, if you eat it, you won't notice the garlic smell on me! That makes it all worth it doesn't it?


  1. Looks/Sounds delicious! I can't do the orzo, so maybe rice. Thanks for the recipe... I think some of my kids might like it, too!

  2. Thanks Kahri, you could so do rice instead of the orzo! I really appreciate you reading and commenting on my little project. Did you try the cake? How did it work for you?